Online casino

It seems like gambling has attracted people since the beginning of time. The first writings about gambling claim they took place in China 2300 B.C. Thru the centuries this form av games have evolved, changed, renewed and developed. As of today we have the ability to visit a casino thru a few easy keystrokes. The only thing you need is an internet connection and a computer, iPad or mobile phone. When you think about it is amazing how far we have come just over the past two decades.

The first casino online

It all started on the small islands of Barbuda and Antigua where the laws allowed a license to start a gambling site online. The year was 1994 and this was the year Microgaming was founded. It was the first company to develop casinos for online use. The games were far from perfect but they were the basis of all the games we see today. The biggest problem Microgaming faced was that there were no safe methods for money transactions online. Cryptologic would be the catalyst to solving that problem as they developed the first application that could be used to make transactions in casinos online. That company would go on to be the first to solve the puzzle of combining software to create a complete online casino. Something they achieved with Inter Casino in 1996.

Today it is hard to imagine that there once were just one online casino on the internet. We are used to being able to choose between a seemingly endless amount of casinos who all have a wide variety of games to choose from.

Is it safe to play at casinos online?

The first question many people ask when wanting to try an online casino is if it is safe. They have read about people getting conned when they have made online purchases and how some people have had their credit card information hacked. When it comes to protecting your information the most important thing is that you have a secure internet connection, a working firewall and an antivirus that is up to date. If you have all those things you have decreased the risk of anyone being able to get to your information considerably. Just make sure you do not click unknown links or download programs you are not sure about where they came from or who made them.

So what about the security of the casino? You can find information regarding every casinos security and their license on their website. At casino online you can find the company registration number, address and information about their license. When you see that a casino is licensed you know it is a legal casino. If you are unsure of whether or not you are allowed to play casino online in your country you can find information about that at the casino as well.

Regarding transactions. Today there are a lot of ways to make a deposit. You can choose to make a deposit using your debit- or credit card but you can also use so called e-wallets which improves the security even further. There are several different e-wallets to choose from and which ones you can use at the casino depends on which casino you are using. Something you need to be aware of is that the method you use to make your deposit is also the method that will be used when you request a withdraw. This to prevent that people use the casinos to move or launder money online.

A variety of games

Casinos nowadays often offer a large variety of games. You will be able to find slots, video poker, roulette, Blackjack and several different types of poker. Most casinos also offer live casino games where you can play together with, or against, other players.

Which games you can find at a casino depends on which developer they are using for the software. You might be familiar with developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming since they are two of the top developers on the market today. But there are many other developers in the game and each usually have their own take on slots and casino games. Some have focused their efforts on themes like famous movies or musicians others have chosen to create slots packed with special features such as free spins and expanding wilds.

Many casinos will offer at least one progressive jackpot slot. Such a jackpot can be tied either to the casino itself or to the machine via a bitter network. A progressive jackpot will increase with every player that bets on the game and it can reach enormous sums of money.

Offers and bonuses

Because casinos online have become so popular they have also become many and that means they have to compete to get the players to their games. As a result they tend to offer very lucrative bonuses for new and returning players as well as frequent players. These offers usually consist of a number of free spins or of doubling or even tripling your deposits. Some offer a no deposit bonus meaning all you have to do to get the bonus is to register at the casino.

Make sure to carefully read the offer from the casinos before you sign up so that you know the exact terms of the bonus such as how many times you have to bet the bonus sum to be able to cash out. A double up bonus means you will have twice the money to use for gambling and thus also twice the chance to win.