Online poker

Poker has not been that much of a big deal in a lot of countries around the world. This would all change with the online casinos combined with the fact that some poker events started to be broadcasted live in several countries. Planet Poker launched in 1998 as the first online poker site. During the beginning of this millennium poker event broadcasts started to hit the TV screens and the interest for poker grew. It wouldn’t be long until poker players were active around the world.

Texas Hold’em – increasingly popular

The version of poker that got the biggest spread was Texas Hold’em. In Texas Hold’em every player is dealt two cards that they need to combine with the five cards that will be placed on the table to get a good poker hand. During the course of the game bets will be placed and the person who has the best poker hand in the end will be the one who wins the pot.

You can find many events on casinos online. In some of those events you can win trips, money or a place at a table in a live poker event. Some poker sites have grown so big that they host their own online events that attract a lot of players, from pros to beginners.

You will be able to find one or more version of Texas Hold’em at almost every online casino. Commonly poker is played in the live casino. That means you get the chance to play against or with other players in your quest for the big wins. As in most poker games it is not all about luck, it also requires a certain amount of skill. You have to know when it’s time to fold, raise or just play your hand.

Caribbean stud poker

This type of poker is a great fit for online casino and you can find it at several such as our casino. Caribbean stud was created in 1988 in Aruba and has since become very popular worldwide. This game is played against the dealer. The game starts with the player making a bet at which point he or she will be dealt five cards and the dealer gets four face down cards and one card turned face up. The player can now choose to fold or to move on with the game. If the dealer’s hand qualifies the two hands will be compared and the best hand wins. If the dealer’s hand does not qualify the player automatically wins. Even if the game isn’t really a true poker game it is still labeled as one.

The very popular Three card poker

This type of poker has long been the favorite of many casino players. Just like in Caribbean stud poker you play this game against the dealer and the goal is to get the best poker hand. First the player has to place an ante at which time the player and the dealer will be dealt three cards each. The player can check the cards and then need to choose between folding or playing the cards. If the choice is to continue the player needs to place a bet before the two hands are compared to see which has the best poker hand. That is the hand that wins the pot.

Play poker at online casino

Playing poker online has never been easier, there are a number of poker types at almost every casino on the web. Most casinos also offer live casino. Playing live against or with other players makes the experience more real and increases the excitement and thrill of it all.

People who are unsure of how to play these different poker games there is a chance to try them for free. Usually these games can be found at the developer’s own sites. Some casinos will also allow you to register for a free account where you will get play money that you can use to try out all the casinos games. This gives you a chance to get familiar with different types of games and how they are played.

The future of online poker

As is the case with most types of online casino games the future of poker is seemingly bright. There is a lot of room for development and evolution adapted to run smoothly at an online casino. When it comes to the graphics and design it already feels top notch. However, with the rate that technology is evolving it is very possible that we will see even more detailed games with graphics we can’t even imagine today. Maybe future poker games will allow the player to participate using VR or in other ways will become even more interactive. Hopefully we will be surprised and amazed by all future casino games. Only time will tell.