Zero roulette

Roulette is a classic game that has kept its popularity throughout centuries. Thru history it has changed a few times and new types have been added and today we can play the end results at casinos online and in real life. The playfields in roulette have different payouts due to the odds. If you bet on red or black the odds is 2:1 but if you win a column bet the odds are 3:1. The highest paying filed is a win with a single number and the zero has attracted many players bets over the course of time. It seems as though the zero has come to be a bit of a symbol or the game as a whole.

A bit of background

The predecessor to the modern roulette was invented in 1647 by the French mathematician Blaise Pascal. In the 1800’s the roulette wheel was invented by two brothers – Francois and Louis Blanc. The wheel was created with the famous zero. When roulette reached the US in the 1930’s the casinos wanted a bigger advantage and so they added a double zero and some of them also added the symbol of an eagle to the wheel. The eagle would disappear but the double zero remains in the type of roulette we now know as American roulette.

The only green number

The zero is the only green number i French/European roulette, all other numbers are either red or black. In the French/European version of roulette the zero is placed between the black 26 and the red 32. In American roulette the zero is in between the black number 2 and the black 26. The double zero is placed between the red number 1 and the red 27.

So how do you play the zero? Just like with the numbers 1 to 36 you can place your bet on the zero. The payout is 35:1 plus your bet amount back. The zero is regarded to be an unlucky number due to the fact that there are a lot of bets that will not get a payout if the ball lands on the zero. Bets on red or black, on columns and so on will not pay out at all. There are ways to protect yourself against this possibility for example by using La Partage in the roulette games that allow it. This means that you will get half of your bet amount back if the ball lands on the zero. This only works in French/European roulette. Another way to protect yourself is to always bet a small amount on the zero to cover your losses if it hits.

This bad luck is one of the main reasons European/French roulette is more popular than the American version of the game. If one zero is unlucky, how bad would two zero slots be? With American roulette the bad luck is doubled.

One of the most popular ways to protect against a zero loss is to put in a Voisins du zero bet that covers the numbers between 22 and 25 which includes the zero. If you play the American version of roulette you can protect yourself by betting on 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. This is considered a bet with a very small chance to win though so it might just be a total waste.

The number zero

The zero hasn’t always been accepted. The ancient Greek did not have a world for it and debated whether it existed at all. How can something be nothing? The idea of the zero is believed to have been born around 458 A.C when it first showed up in mathematical equations and was spelled out in poetry. In the year 628 an Indian mathematician by the name of Brahmagupta invented a symbol for the zero in the form of a dot under numbers. It was the Arab world that would finally lead to us using zeros in mathematics. The system we use today reached Europe via Spain in the 1100’s. The zero is considered an even number since it can be divided by two without needing decimals. The zeros importance dramatically increased when the computer programs were developed. They are written in ones and zeroes.

Play roulette at online casinos

Since roulette is such a popular game most game developers have created their own version of the game with their own design. The rules are practically the same with all of them, the biggest difference is the one between French/European roulette and American roulette. The fact that so many game developers have created roulette games of their own make them easy to find at almost any online casino, like our casino. If you want to play roulette you will have a large selection of casinos to choose from which gives you the chance to find and cash in on the best bonus offers you can find. If you want to try playing roulette for free there are free demo versions at affiliate sites all over the web. Since roulette is a live casino game it will prove hard to find a casino where you can try it for free.